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I’m glad you found my site for Healthy and Younger Skin!

The aim of my website ‘Healthy and Younger Skin’ is to provide you with current research and product/service information on what works, what may work and what you should stay clear from….scams being one of them!

Hi, my name is Gina and I hope that in sharing my real life experiences with you I may inspire you to take good care of your skin because more often than not it’s the bad experiences that lead us to better understand what not to do! I so sincerely want you to avoid any bad experiences by listening to the traps I fell into. Perhaps you’re here because you have already fallen into similar traps and you now ask….well, what’s next, what can I do differently to be in a better place? Also I was sick and tired of being directed to sites to buy a product only to be involved, in what I would say a sham or unethical selling!!! So my intention is to do the homework for you and even share information that you too may have to offer our little community, here on my website!

Let me start at the beginning of my journey. I was born in Australia of Greek heritage and when I was only 11 years old I noticed ugly spots on face. I started puberty 6 months earlier how traumatic for a young child!! My parents were too busy working in our family owned fish and chip shop to notice any changes to my appearance until I came home crying after school from being bullied about my ‘pimply’ face.

Mum and dad said “it would all be OK as I’m just going through a growing stage”. Well, ladies and gents this pimply face girl turned into horrible acne faced girl because I was using chemicals and abrasions (behind my parents back) to scrape away the disgusting appearance of my face….that is how bad and down I was about my appearance and my parents were totally oblivious to my sad state of mind!

My parents finally took me to see a dermatologist, I was 15, now remember in the late 70’s in Australia the drug Roaccutane was not prescribed and hence I relied instead on the long term use of various antibiotics, 10 years to be exact!

So why am I talking about acne when you are interested in younger looking skin? It is all interrelated! I am now 53 years old and started a strict regime at the age of 15 (under the guidance of my old fashioned dermatologist) of washing my face with a mild soap (yes soap!), Velvet Soap to be exact and then applying a mild moisturiser.

By the time I was 25 and off all drugs (my acne had subsided by then) I remained strict about washing my face day and night and always applying a moisturiser AND staying out of direct sunlight. People swear on using toners…..don’t waste your money! Invest on good quality cleanser, scrub and moisturisers. The product choice will depend on your skin type and your life cycle….that is product I was using at 25 will not suit my skin at 35, and at 50, etc….

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and in return I look forward to hearing about yours and any information you may want to share with me on this site to help others. Please leave me an email……

You can send me an email by leaving your details at: support@healthyandyoungerskin.comIn orderi


In order to better understand where to start to help yourself you need to firstly obtain a few KEY FACTS!

Skin is an amazing organ, in fact it is the largest organ in your body and according to much research out there, weighs around three to five kilograms and if spread out would cover an area of around two square metres….that’s a lot of skin that would fill the size of an average toilet! No other organ is so exposed to damage or disease from the outside, that is, exposed to injury, sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution and germs.

Skin is strong yet flexible, waterproof yet absorbent, resilient, washable and self repairing. Your skin is made up of an outer layer the epidermis, and an inner layer of fibrous tissue called the dermis. Under the dermis fat is stored for energy and insulation. The epidermis on the other hand is made up of layers of dead skin cells, which are constantly being replaced with new ones moving up from the dermis. Its purpose is to protect the more delicate living cells of the dermis below (the latter nourishing and supporting the epidermis).

Skin provides a protective barrier between you and your environment, preventing water and other bodily fluids from being lost and keeping infections out. The natural oils in your skin (sebum) contribute by preventing moisture from evaporating and curbing the growth of bacteria. Other functions include regulating body temperature, sense, touch, feel, excreting waste through sweat, producing vitamin D and signalling internal conditions and emotions such as embarrassment and fear.


Keeping your skin moist or hydrated with emollients is critical to reducing moisture loss, skin infections and ensuring healthy skin. As a point of interest, ointments typically contain 80% oil and 20% water, whilst creams contain 50% oil and 50% water. Ointments are particularly beneficial in dry, low humidity conditions (because skin loses more moisture under these conditions), but their high oil content can trap sweat next to the skin causing itchiness and irritation. The conundrum is that oiler products tend to be more long lasting. In more humid conditions the  skin can absorb moisture from the air, so a lighter cream or lotion should be enough for your skin.

My goal is to help you achieve strong and supple skin through a healthy lifestyle and an easy non-complicated skin care regime. Healthy skin leads to well preserved skin by keeping two components of the dermis in check…..collagen and elastin.

My journey in life did not only involve dealing with acne from a very young age, it also led me to have to deal with injuries caused by a near fatal road accident, 5 months before my 21st birthday!

The accident left me with head and facial injuries! YES that’s right……a repeat offender – drunk driver, hit me from behind whilst I was riding my bicycle to a friend’s house and I was in hospital for 3 weeks with severe lacerations to my face and body and severe head injuries, not to mention a broken nose. In reality, I was just so lucky to be alive and to not have suffered any other major injuries!!

Hence my passion for searching for ways to assist myself and others to address scars caused by acne and/or accidents. My passion to explore ways to assist my self and others to address skin protection, rejuvenation and overall healthy skin throughout life’s journey.

I look forward to creating a community here, where we can share our journeys in the hope to educate others and ease any pain or suffering caused by low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to issues with health and skin.

Please feel free to send me an email by leaving your details at: support@healthyandyoungerskin.com

I look forward to hearing from you

Cheers Gina