Best Skin Care Regimen For Aging Skin!

Is There Such a Skin Care Regimen?

It’s never too late to correct the wrongs of your past and ensure beautiful and healthy skin by following a daily skin care regimen aided by nutritionally balanced, healthy eating, exercise and being sun smart! Make your skin care regimen part of your daily ritual…a habit that you’ll never regret!

Self-confidence comes from YOU feeling your best. When you feel your best you radiate positive energy and you radiate beauty for all to see regardless of your age. Good skin is no trivial pursuit and good skin care requires you giving it the time of day
– 2 times, once in the morning and once before bed. Lastly, achieving good skin is NOT about buying expensive products, it’s about putting in place a good and consistent regimen to get the results you deserve!

How many times do you wake up in the morning feeling like total crap because of the lack of sleep or loads of stress? You look at your reflection in the mirror and this negative energy has instantly looked straight back at you, which unfortunately sets the negative tone for the day! Your self-confidence disappears because your skin looks rough, tired, wrinkly and old and in my case, the occasional middle-aged break out too!

You’ll find that my repetitive theme throughout my website is for all of us to get plenty of restful sleep, implement mindfulness, exercise and ensure healthy eating. I repeat this messaging because I strongly believe that forming good habits now will not only help you look and feel younger as you get older, but will also help you with the following:

  • boost energy and concentration
  • promote healthy weight loss
  • strengthen bones, hair and nails
  • promote good gut health
  • boost your sex life, and so much more!

This post will focus on various regimens/routines, targeted to the busy man or woman and targeted to aging skin, typically 40+, but the earlier you put in place good habits the easier it gets to keep ontop of issues as they arise when we age (sun spots as one example). This post will also explore different products that may be suited to your needs without breaking your bank balance! Check out my product and service reviews page for more information and remember it all starts with YOU!

What is the Best Skin Care Regimen?

Remember, choosing products that contain active ingredients can do more than just cleanse and moisturize your skin. They can assist with smoother skin, stimulate production of new collagen and help with the renewal of your cells which can all make your skin feel and look younger! The right skin care ingredients can also help to protect your skin from environmental damage and UV radiation.

There are many important active ingredients that I will expandbriefly discuss later in my post on the following:

  • Retinol
  • AHAs and BHA
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc oxide
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Argan oil
  • Green tea

For All Skin Types:

Morning Regimen – to Protect, You Must Cleanse:

You must cleanse your skin, even if you cleansed it the night before. You must cleanse again in the morning because as the skin renews itself, impurities come to the surface and they need to be washed away.

I strongly recommend micellar water cleansers, (please click here to go to my Product Review page), which work well for all skin types and are ideal for men and women who want a one step process. Garnier have a great selection to choose from on Amazon check it out as they have some great deals well priced. There is even the travel sized options which I discuss on my review page by clicking here!

           Please Click on Image


  • All-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover, cleanses, removes even waterproof makeup and refreshes skin
  • Oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • Micelle technology attracts dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet without harsh rubbing
  • All skin types, even sensitive

After cleansing I strongly recommend you apply an antioxidant serum. Serums are liquids with a high concentration of active ingrediants (some of which are mentioned above). Serums are made of very small molecules and so the skin absorbs them quickly and deeply. Smooth a serum of choice on your face/skin after cleansing.


I mentioned above that Vitamin C is a key active ingredient as is Argan oil. Look for a serum that has Vitamin C incorporated within its ingredients these can be found on Amazon Vitamin C. The beauty of Vitamin C is that it stimulates collagen production and neutralizes free radicals.

Caution: Vitamin E is also an active ingredient and common in many products. If you choose a Vitamin E serum ensure it is NOT 100% Vitamin E as it can cause hyperpigmentation (unattractive browning of the skin), particularly when used directly over scars or directly on the skin….something I wish I had known 20 years earlier, but that’s another story I hope to share with you another day to help you avoid the same fate!

Argan oil serum as an active ingredient can be found on my product and services review page called: Argan Oil. Organic Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids.

In addition to Argan oil reducing or even reversing aging-related damage when applied to the skin, there are also views that Argan oil can treat a broad range of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, infections, and psoriasis. A few studies have found that both topic argan oil and oral argon oil may improve skin elasticity in postmenopausal

MOISTURIZE: to help maintain moisture for aging skin I  would recommend a product that contains added vitamin C these skin care products may be listed as ascorbic acid, L-ascorbate or ascorbyl palmitate. But if your skin is super sensitive suggest you look for a moisurizer that it suited to sensitive and dry skin. I personally prefer heavy duty thicsurizing creams, but that’s just what suits my skin and keeps it well nourished longer.

Finally apply an eye cream, use the same one for the morning and night as these products have evolved to now be suited for the thin skin around the eyes. DO NOT use active ingredients around or under your eye area as your skin is thin and can be easily damaged.

Lastly, before stepping out of your home  make sure to protect your skin against leathery complexion and against skin  cancer by applying sunscreen to all exposed areas of your face, neck and body!

Evening Regimen – to Repair You Must Cleanse: 

Cleanse your face and neck at night in the same way you do for the morning. By cleaning away the day’s dirt and debris your skin will be in a better state to rejuvenate new cells and mend or shed old damaged ones. Remember the bulk of the repair work for your skin is done at night so make sure you get it ready!

Be careful…..a good cleanser should not make the skin feel tight or dry, if it does the product is too harsh! Once again I as stated above, I recommend using micellar water cleansers.

Next Moisturize: I would recommend a product that contains at least one of the following ingredients:


retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinoic acid, adapalene or tretinoin, hyaluronic acid (for very dry skin), cermaides and peptides. Retinol stimulates production of procollagen and collagen, increases dermal matrix of skin, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, repairs some sun-induced skin aging and improves functioning of skin cells.

Look for a night moisturizer that has added retinol (low doses for newbies to this product and increase dose over several months) and if you have sensitive skin use the added retinol every second night rather than every night. Do not use retinol for day wear as sun exposure with retinol on your face may cause a reaction, such as redness, iritation and a burning sensation….a rookie mistake!

The Retinol Surge Moisturizer- Retinol Cream contains some of the above important ingrediants such as plant derived Hyaluronic acid to comfort and hydrate your skin while ingredients like Wildcrafted Green Tea, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter join forces to improve skin tone and texture. What I like about this product is that it is well priced for the quality and quantity, it has a 90 day manuacturer’s guarantee and is cruelty free!

TIP: When applying moisturiser onto your skin, rather than rubbing you should look to gently pat the product onto your face and neck – by patting you will use less product, which can save you money and reduce wastage. Patting is also a more gentle way to handle the skin and the pressinng motion helps to relax your facial muscles which may reduce stress related wrinkles.

Finally apply an eye cream, use the same one for the morning and night as these products have evolved to now be suited for the
thin skin around the eyes. DO NOT use active ingredients around or under  your eye area as your skin is thin and can be easily damaged.

Additional face care: Once a week use an AHA product to exfoliate the skin. The APTO Surface Renewal Exfoliant from Amazon is ideal for fine lines, pores and pigmentation, leaving your skin clear, firm and bright.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps smooth and hydrate your skin. Your skin may look a little red aftre exfoliating, especially if you have sensitive skin, but if you can be gentle and then soothe with the application of your moisturizer then this redness will settle. Ensure to exfoliate at night as the redness will subside during your sleep.

Active Ingredients, What Are They? A Brief Explanation 

  •  Retinol – is a pure form of vitamin A. Clinically trials have shown that topically applied retinol stimulates the production of new collagen in the skin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which hold water and have a plumping effect on the skin, (source: Kafi, R. et al., 2007, Improvement of naturally aged skin with vitamin A (retinol)).
  • AHAs and BHA These are Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA) and they are known to speed up skin cell renewal by helping to remove the substances that hold dead skin cells together and have an exfoliating effect on the skin. This helps to improve the skins texture by forcing thre skin to renew itself more quickly that is the normal rate of renewal. AHAs may also be listed as glycolic acid, lactic acid and malic acid, where 5% to 15% concentrations offer good results. For BHAs look for the ingredient salicylic acid with 1% to 2% concentration for effective results. Professional practioners can assist your with higher concentrations on both AHAs and BHA which I do use and highly recommend to supplement your daily  skin care regimen.
  • Resveratrol – this ingredient is found in the skin of red grapes, blueberries and cranberries. This active ingredient has potent antioxidant effects and has shown signs of blocking skin cancers from forming and has sparked interest in skin care manufacturers to use resveratrol in moisturisers and sunscreens. (Sources: Mizutani, K. et al., 2000, Vol 274 pp.61-67; Gupta, S. and Mukhtar, H. 2002. Vol. 21, pp.363-80)
  • Vitamin C – is a potent antioxidant and enhances the skin’s repair process. This active ingredient in skin care products may be listed as ascorbic acid, L-ascorbate or ascorbyl palmitate. Great reults with long term use, this active ingredient promotes collagen production and boosts the effectiveness of vitamin E, although may irritate sensitive skin or those that have acne or eczema.
  • Zinc oxide – one of the best sunscreen filters is zinc oxide which can also increase wound healing
    and repair skin cells. It helps to lock moisture during the wound healing process, hence why it’s a common ingredient in calamine lotion and nappy rash creams.
  • Apple cider vinegar – I have mentioned in a  previous post: Feeling Good Looking Great the use of apple cider vinegar in cleaning the skin due to its ability to restore the skin’s pH balance.
  • Argan oil – potent antioxidant to protect skin against free radicals. Great to add in a serum form to a basic moisturiser.
  • Green tea – contains polyphenols which can suppress some forms of UV-induced skin cancers. Great to use in a cleanser or facial serum.

Please feel free to share my post or leave me a comment as I would love to hear from you!

Cheers Gina

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7 thoughts on “Best Skin Care Regimen For Aging Skin!”

  • I appreciate your detailed analysis on how we can keep our skins from deterioration and aging. There is one problem facing one of my relative, she is allergic, after taking bath and applying to lotions and creams and skin itch. What advice can you give, may be what cleansers she should use, and what type of lotions etc she can use?

    • Thank you for your comments and although I’m not a health specialist I would try 1 capful of organic apple cider vinegar in a warm bath. the Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is pH balanced and over several weeks should leave your skin smooth and clean without using harsh soaps or cleaning lotions. ACV is a good cleaning detergent and gentle on your skin. I use it to wash/cleanse my face and neck every night, there is no reason it can’t be used as a natural cleanser!

      Your relative should try this and see how they go, you never know?

      Bets of luck


  • Good afternoon Gina,

    I love your article on Argan Oil, I am a big fan of this oil myself. I live in the south of Spain. Some years ago I got a good sized bottle for my birthday. My friends got it in the Moroccan butcher in town who had connections.
    On Sundays, I sometimes give myself a treat. I put this oil on my face, neck, and decoltee and leave it on the skin the whole day.I have also used it in mixed salads instead of extra virgin olive oil. Argan oil has a nice nutty taste.
    For your skin, Almond or Avocado oil are also great and these oils are a bit less expensive.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thank you Taetske for your comments.

      I must admit I love Argan oil as it works best for my skin, but I have no doubt that almond or avocado oil may also do the job for others, although I have not tried them at this stage…but will certainly check them out in due course!

      Happy health to you!

      Regards Gina

  • Good Morning Gina,

    Thank you for replying to my comment.
    One of my interests is health related things. I have gone through my own evolution as I call it and during the years have discovered, tried out many new things. When ever I find it positive I will introduce it into my life style/eating habits. I am blessed I live on a farm where I can grow a lot of things myself. The older I was getting the more natural were the products I was using be it for food or for my skin.

    Regards, Taetske

  • I am always interested in skin care products with Retinol. A few years ago my dermatologist recommended Obagi skin care products for me to use. The results were excellent, but short lived. My skin went right back to what it was before after a short break from using the products. This post has given me clarification on proper skincare regimen along with recommended products for great skin care. I am so interested in the Retinol Surge Moisturizer. Will this help with my aged spots that I really want to get rid of?

    • Hi  Carol

      Thank you so much for your comments and in answer to your question the Retinol Surge Moisturizer will help with your aged spots with regular use. Like anything in skin care we must create a regular habit and use products over a long period of time to see the benefits. Usually I will give a product 3 to 4 months before moving onto something else if I don’t see the results I expect.

      This retinol moisturizer is the no 1 seller on Amazon and rated 4.5/5 with a 90 day manufacturer return policy and that fits in within my recommended trial period for beauty products and it is cruelty free which fits in with my ethics too!

      Here’s health and happiness to you!

      Cheers Gina 

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