Start A Healthy Lifestyle, Keep it Simple!

Healthy LifestyleDepending on what part of the world you live in, the weather will play a big part on how active or sedentary you will be. It will also play a large role on what food you will consume too! The cold makes you want to stay in doors, stay under your warm doona and eat food loaded with sugar and carbs! The sun brings out that urge in you to smell the fresh air and enjoy your intake of vitamin D and eat succulent salads…

So how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle week-to-week?

Remember skipping your workouts and being sedentary during the colder months could raise your risk of health issues such as chronic disease or diabetes….so try to remain active and aim for a daily step count of 10,000….you’ll feel better for it!!

Cheers Gina x

6 thoughts on “Start A Healthy Lifestyle, Keep it Simple!”

  • Hi Gina,

    Totally agree. It’s very hard to go for a run or walk in the middle of winter however when I do go for run or walk I feel invigorated and much lighter after it. It’s just getting over the initial cold feeling, but once I am past it feels great.

    • Hi Jim

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
      I usually look at the faces of my two beautiful dogs and that in itself is enough to motivate me to go for a brisk walk in the cold!

      Let’s get that heart thumping for our inner health and ultimately get our skin looking gorgeous!
      Cheers Gina

  • Hi Gina,
    Your article is spot on. Where i live in Malaysia the weather gets really hot and humid which deter many people from doing out door exercises. Nevertheless with the right attire and mentality everyone should workout. It does wonders to my body and it helps remove toxin that we consume on a daily basis.

    • Thank you Ramesh for your response….Malaysia! Yes it sure can get hot and humid there and just as hard to get motivated as it is in cold weather!

      Keep strong and fit and think of your walks as not only getting your heart pumping but also helping to clear your mind of the daily noise and reflect on the positives in your life!
      Cheers Gina

  • Completely agree.

    I travel frequently for work, I work odd hours and I am often finding excuses as to why I can’t simply go for a walk or a quick workout at the hotel gym, and I feel the worse for it! Lately I have synced up my phone to measure my steps and this simple change of habit reminds me (acts like a trigger) to get up and move and it has made a huge difference not just physically but it seems to help clear my head and when I do return to work (late night conference calls and emails) I find myself quite focused .

    Oh….and most importantly, I am also finding it easier to sleep.

    • Thanks Tom for sharing your routine. It is such a great habit that you are creating a trigger to prompt you to exercise. More people need to think like you!
      Keep up the great work.

      Best regards

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