Top 10 Recommended Skin Treatments

HOW to achieve healthy and younger looking skin by reducing the appearance of ageing skin and other associated problems such as dryness, irritation blocked pores, etc.?

Below are some recommended treatments. You will see that these will vary from home treatments to professional services. Remember what may work for one person may not work for another so it is a process of experimenting to find the treatments that may work best for you. Also keep in mind that the use of the contraceptive pill, antibiotics, and use of other medications may also impact on the efficiency of the treatments you are seeking.

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1. Lemon. When I was younger and riddled with acne, I used the juice of one lemon applied to my face for about 10 to 15 minutes every night. It was an effective vitamin C astringent and helped dry out the troubled areas. Similarly lemon juice is excellent for reducing age spots and freckles! Remember to rinse off with warm water.

2. Lemon and honey mask. Mix one spoonful of lemon with a teaspoon of honey and apply to face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with warm water and feel the smoothing action on your face.

3. Eye care. It’s an oldie but a goodie….cold sliced cucumbers placed under your eyes for about 10 minutes daily to reduce tired and puffy looking eyes. You should see a difference in 3 to 5 days.

4. Face massage. Go on treat yourself monthly to prevent muscle slackness, reduce lines and wrinkles and boost your energy levels.

5. Professional skin care treatments. Worked perfectly for me particularly with the complexity of my early years with acne. AHA peels worked a treat for me and now continue to work a treat as my skin ages. Seek professional advice, you’ll be surprised what’s available and it won’t cost you a fortune!

6. Rose water. Perfect anti oxidant for your eyes and face. For the eyes just apply cotton balls soaked in rose water on closed eyes for around 15 minutes. For the face, soak cotton balls in rose water and wipe your face with it. Then mix equal part of glycerin and rose water to gently massage your face and neck after cleansing. The glycerin will help the skin retain moisture and give it a smooth appearance.

7. Egg white and orange juice mask. This is a great recipe for creating firming mask  for your face. In a small bowl combine 1 egg white and 3 Tbsp. of fresh orange juice. After cleansing apply a layer with a brush and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes until dry. Remove with warm water and repeat weekly for best results.

8. Exfoliate. Important to get rid of old, dead skin cells and renew the new cells. I use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) when I shower in the mornings. I apply about a small handful to my face and rub in a circular motion then rinse and follow with my cleansing routine. Alternatively you can use brown sugar with one of you favourite essential oil to make a paste and scrub your face. Rinse off and repeat weekly.

9. Facial steamer. Important to get rid of blocked pores by placing your face over a hot bowl or pot of water, cover your head with a towel to ensure steam is retained. Can add 1 drop of eucalyptus or another essential oil and use weekly for about 15 minutes.

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10. Get quality sleep and learn to relax! Organise a day out and treat yourself, make it fun and do it with some of your good friends.

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This condition unfortunately ages your skin and needs to be controlled before it impacts on you both physically and emotionally.

There is plenty of published evidence to suggest that in the past 30 or so years the number of eczema sufferers has more than doubled in the developed world. Some experts believe this increase may be due to aspects of modern lifestyles such as central heating, the exposure to chemicals in toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaners, as well as pollution and food additives.

When my son was born, he wasn’t even 3 months old and had acute eczema. I punished myself as I thought this was due to me stopping breast feeding at 6 weeks of age!! Thankfully I found support in some great nurses at a public hospital to realise that it unfortunately was one of those things that more than likely my son’s condition was inherited… and not to punish myself for my baby’s pain and suffering!! Nevertheless as a parent you will do whatever it takes to ease or eliminate the pain of your child.

Red, sore and swollen skin is unbearable for young and old and you need to consult your doctor to ascertain what type of eczema you suffer from so that the right treatment is administered. There are various types of eczema, the most common being atopic eczema and irritant dermatitis. My son had atopic eczema and the overreaction of the immune system leads to inflamed, irritated and sore skin. Thankfully as he has reached adulthood he no longer suffers from eczema but is a sufferer of hay fever!!


Sufferers of eczema are sensitive to allergens in the environment that others find harmless. Allergens include pet dander (skin flakes), house dust mite droppings, moulds and pollens, and foods such as eggs, shellfish and soya. Stress is also known to exacerbate symptoms.