What is the Power of Wellness?


Are you stuck and no where to go in your career, your relationship/s, finances and just your life in general? Understanding what the power of wellness (or mindfulness) is and how it will put you in the right direction is a start to help you get your life on track.Take it from me, I know and understand where you’re coming from that is why I’ve started this post …and it’s time to start living and thinking big! Let’s get started…


How do I do this you ask?

What Is The Power of Wellness
Love and be Grateful for Your Life!

Through repetition of thought, firstly written as your statement, then memorised and repeated through meditation. By meditating and focusing on your want/desire (not need), your thought will eventually reach your subconscious mind. Our greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence hence using meditation for around 10 to 20 minutes before going to bed at night and 10 to 20 minutes after waking up in the morning helps your mind focus on positive thoughts and positive affirmations.

The power of wellness requires you to change your mind set and put the focus back on what you desire and don’t focus on what you don’t want. This is the Law of Attraction and I have been a keen learner for many years on these basic principles, and it can, and does work by just knowing what it is you want so passionately (not desperately) in life. Write down your burning desire in a statement, add images (if it help create an image board) and start connecting to your subconscious mind through meditation.

There is plenty of free material to help you meditate on YouTube. There is also free information to help you understand on how to get your mind set on the right track. Please do yourself a favour and look for ebooks from Bob Proctor or John Assaraf as their material is priceless in helping you get the results you are looking for in life! If you want more information please go to my Review Page by clicking here. 

Furthermore if you want more evidence on meditation and achieving the power of wellness look at a study from Carnegie Mellon University, 2016 which showed that mindfulness meditation, unlike a placebo, changes both the brains and bodies of regular people (not just long-time meditators) to help reduce various health disorders such as depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Please invest in professional help or online resources to help you find the right meditation technique for you.


I am not talking about grueling exercises here, all we need is to revitalise and nourish our bodies, and in turn clear the mind, through a regular routine of stretching and breathing exercises. After my 20 minute meditation in the morning, which incidentally does focus on my breathing,  I will do 5 minutes of stretching to get the blood flowing throughout my body. In fact I see it as meditation in motion!

Move Regularly

There are plenty of free material to look for guidance on the internet, try YouTube for free guidance, for example click here for a 10 minute exercise to get you started.

In addition try and move regularly. If you are like me and spend up to 2 hours traveling to and from work in your car, or on public transport, then you spend the rest of your day desk bound…you MUST make an effort to move regularly. These days work places have desk places that will allow standing for a period of time. If it’s not for you (admittedly it’s not for me) then ensure you go for a 10 to 15 minute walk during your office breaks throughout the day.


This is simple intervention for those moments when you become aware that you are feeling stressed and/or negative in your thoughts and emotions. Firstly, stop and begin your positive affirmations, for example:

“I am relaxing and allowing everything to flow to me at the perfect timing”

“I feel absolute joy right now and feel good as I move towards what I want”

“I am letting my desires guide me”

“I always focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want”

“As I constantly focus my attention toward what I want, I am happy and in total peace”

You get the picture? Practicing meditation techniques will help guide your thoughts and keep you focused and positive. These techniques are devised to help you de-stress.


By trying to minimise the stresses in your life, caused by your perception to events and how you react, then we are  slowing the ageing process through wellness or mindfulness meditation. What we all now through the loads of research over many years, is that we can age faster or slower depending on the things we do, the things we think and the things we are exposed to.

Ofcourse having a healthy diet and being physically active regularly are important ingredients to improving genetic repair and slowing the ageing process, but so too is our mind. For more information please refer to my page: “Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Younger Skin”,  click here.

Our state of mind has a profound effect on our ageing process. It is how you learn to cope with events  occurring in your life and around your life, that will help you to slow your ageing process.  Deepak Chopra, is an experienced doctor and prominent public speaker on mindfulness, he talks about Quantum Healing, and the connection between the body and mind in its potential to defeat cancer, heart disease and ageing. The Book is a must read you can follow the link to my Review page by clicking here.


  • Be aware that what we think affects what we do and that what we think and do affects our body and state of mind
  • Be aware that stress comes from our reaction to what happens and not from what happens
  • Consider understanding and putting in place an active meditation routine to stimulate your brain and get your subconscious mind working on what you really desire and deserve to have!
  • Be grateful for your life and live in the now, don’t sit thinking about the past and how things were and could of been. You need to work on the present and that means the now moment and what you want your future to look like with passion and love.
  • Understand why you are anxious or unhappy (where is this source of negative energy coming from?), and consider reading some of the books suggested above for direction on a wellness way of life.
  • Consider recreational activities to get you back to nature and be in touch with your creative self. Simply walking your dogs and really soaking in your environment can help (during these times don’t think about what you lack think about what you have and what you will acquire).

    Get Back in Touch with Nature

  • Allow yourself to unconditionally enjoy life and love yourself and others
  • Remember to just ‘go with the flow’, there are events beyond our control and things unfold for the right reason that we are unaware of at the time
  • Be patient, don’t quit trying to improve yourself or remove a negative addiction.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that can help you achieve your goals
  • Consider doing a wellness class or therapy
  • Try to optimise your environment and AVOID fast paced or aggressive music and films
  • Have soothing or calming music in the background to help you keep your negative emotions and thoughts out of your system.
  • Eat a healthy whole-food diet and ensure a regular physical exercise regime, they stimulate our brain
  • Accept whatever sensations we are experiencing and don’t over react negatively to them, they will pass!
  • Practice wellness meditation before going to sleep and  first thing in the morning
  • Practice positive affirmations throughout the day, there is loads of material online to give you direction
  • Be patient and gentle on yourself. Change and effective strategies can take up to 3 months to work deeply into our system of the body, mind and soul.
  • You don’t need to be on social media, internet and emails all the time….manage your environment and reduce unnecessary stimuli to the brain. Have a daily task list and prioritise what needs to be done first
    and work down that list. It’s not the end of the world if you haven’t completed that task list, just learn to chill and go with the flow!

    Be Patient and Learn Wellness Meditation

  • Cultivate empathy and compassion for others and this positive action and thought will work its way back to you!

Please leave me any questions or messages below….Happy health and wellness to you!

Cheers Gina



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2 thoughts on “What is the Power of Wellness?”

  • Awesome article on meditation, meditation has changed my life in a positive way. Meditation is great for everyone, especially someone like I used to be always in a rush to get too many things done.

    I enjoyed your suggestions in your article, your article I am sure will open many people’s eyes to add meditation to their lives all because of your article.

    • Thank you Jeffrey for you kind words. I just hope people realise that it takes time and persistence to get the  meditation style and way of thinking that is right for you. But when you do….you would have wished you had started much earlier in life!

      Best regards Gina

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